Moon Photography


Behold the greater world around you.  Look beyond the walls of the room your in.  Look beyond what you are used to seeing daily.  There is often beauty hiding in plain sight.  Unfortunately,  we are often to busy or preoccupied to notice.  It is time to stop and smell the roses.  To look up at the sky and rekindle the wonder you felt as a child as you imagined what was beyond the atmosphere of planet Earth.  It is time again to expand your mind and your imagination by reading a book. 

Full Moon - 1-10-2020 as seen from Norfolk, VA USA.

This site has shed what it was before.  There may be some talk of technology but not in the sense of how it applies to commerce as it once did.  More of how it brings us closer together and the innovations that change our lives on almost a daily basis.  Unfortunately, as much as technology brings us together it tends to push us apart.  I’ll touch on some of that as well.

You will see various examples of my photography.  Things that I feel reflect the wonder that is near at hand and sometimes quite far away.  I will also present reviews of books of I have read if I think they are worth reading.  I read all kinds of things so expect a diverse assortment of things.  I encourage you to suggest books for me to read as well.  And if I put an amazon link to a book or a product I might make a small commission.  I have been an Amazon Associate for almost 20 years and I am self employed.  There is nothing wrong with making a buck where you can. 

I hope this page brings you joy and does not add to the general malaise that most people seem to be suffering.  I don’t plan on talking about politics.  So in the first post in this venture I will share a quote from Garrison Keillor, “Be well, Do good work, Keep in touch.” 

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